Elaine Mather

Elaine has always loved painting and since childhood had a paintbrush in her hand and a passion for art. This passion for painting was boosted at an early age when she won her first competition.  From that day forward she felt her career path was set, school to college then onto her first job as a designer. Yet painting & sketching continued to fill her spare hours, fulfilling a need to create art outside the confines of design for print.

 Eventually Elaine realised she wanted to concentrate upon fine art, so when the opportunity arose she became an independent artist. Elaine’s work had a gallery following right away.

 Her love of trees shows through in her art. She finds inspiration when walking or travelling, committing to memory any interesting tree, that is where her process begins. With every piece of work, she begins with the background and its colours. Elaine will instinctively know the colour of tree to paint and compliments the colours in the background. The hearts are added to make each tree an individual tree of love.

 “Trees are the lungs of our world, cleaning, oxygenating the air whilst surrounding us with their beauty & colour.” Elaine Mather