Helen E Chambers

After graduating from Winchester School of Art in 1995 with a degree in printed textile design, Helen moved to London and worked as a freelance printed textile designer. Helen’s natural flair for colour and composition as well as natural instinct for trend, led to a successful career for over 25 years. In 2020, inspired by her love of interiors she started to paint with an idea to create artwork for her own home. Her early paintings were spotted by an interior design shop and soon a new creative journey started to unfold.

‘I have always loved colour, mark making and building up layers. Everything in our physical and emotional world is made of contrasting layers. Painting allows me to explore this with a sense of discovery, as I let the image build up and develop. I begin a piece with a loose idea and palette and start by building up and removing parts, finding interesting marks, colours and textures on the journey, responding to what appears on the canvas. A painting will go through many shifts and changes before it is complete’.

Helen creates abstract and semi abstract paintings mostly using acrylic. Her love of India and the natural world show up in her choice of palette as she seeks to capture the ephemeral beauty of organic forms and textures. She creates works that are both energetic and soothing. Inviting the viewer to loose themselves in the play of light and colour that animates her work.