Sonal Nathwani

You could say that I took the scenic route to get to where I now stand on my career path. I decided to leave the finance industry after my second son was born, to live ‘the creative life’ and I can now happily say that I am a painter.

Born in Malawi, Africa, to Indian parents, I grew up in England and I now live with my family in Vienna, Austria. This exposure to a multitude of cultures throughout my life reflects in my work being a blend of asian and european influences and sensibilities.

My love for colour and pattern and flowers is evident in my work. Yes, flowers really do make me happy and you will see a lot of floral elements in both my paintings and print designs. Wildlife and people sometimes fall into the mix too. Lines are important for me. I can get very excited about the rhythm and quality of a line – one of the many things I learnt during my time at the renowned Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy. 

Inspiration comes from whatever catches my eye; be it the form of an object, natural or man-made, the play of light and shadow, a face, an image or simply a colour. This is the beginning of each painting, whether figurative or abstract….and sometimes I am simply inspired by the paint itself.