Kerry Shearer

Kerry lives and works in land-locked Lincolnshire though many of her paintings capture the beauty and the energy of coastal seaside locations.

Having always seen herself as an artist, Kerry spent over two decades teaching in the primary classroom. Quietly working away on her art in a few spare precious hours when at home; her teaching posts allow her opportunities to express her creative side. Gradually the art took over; being called upon to create commissions both for schools and private clients.

Through hard work and dedication, Kerry recently had the good fortune to become a fulltime artist and grabbed the opportunity.

Her artistic style is typical of the British Naïves. She captures the landscapes and seascapes she paints in wide range of acrylics and finishes. Her unique, quirky, whimsical style is one which she is deeply proud of having honed it over many years. Each piece is instantly recognisable as hers.