Jay Nottingham


      From an early age Jay Nottingham has followed in the footsteps of his artistic family. His grandfather and great grandfather were both artists, so colour and design have surrounded him throughout his life.

      Born in 1972 in Bedfordshire, Jay has had no formal training as an artist. He has developed his own technique and subjects to paint. These include woodland views, florals and landscapes. The impasto style of Jay’s work is created with a palette knife giving his paintings a three-dimensional effect. The bold style characteristic of his landscapes combines beautifully with the subtle grey and blue tones of the skies. When framed this tonal contrast set against the bright foreground created with a palette knife combines for a stunning effect.

      He is now expanding the variety of subjects he paints to include Tuscan landscapes and harbour views including mysterious paintings of boats moored in the distance just visible through the fog.

      Jay Nottingham lives in South Wales with his family painting as a full time artist.

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      12 products