Ruby Slippers Hand Embellished Print by Neil Pengelly

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Ruby Slippers Hand Embellished Print by Neil Pengelly. 

Based on the wonderful Wizard of Oz films, as well as general reference to the film, there are some slightly darker undertones that i've portrayed within the image.

Working down the image, you should be able to find:

  • Wicked witch (top left)
  • Dorothy's house (top of tornado)
  • The tornado
  • Rainbow coloured lights through the trees
  • The ballon she leaves in Oz (centre)
  • Wizard of Oz (centre)
  • Witches legs (left of Oz)
  • Garland flicking the bird (right of Oz)
  • Good witch and the characters in B&W (mid right)
  • Kansas sign (no place like home)
  • Robocop holding chocs (Tin man and his heart)
  • Scared cat and the bottle of 'Dutch Courage' (lion)
  • Turnip with mortar cap and certificate from Eton (Scarecrow)
  • Poppy (Sleeping poppies from the film)
  • Yellow lines in the road (Yellow Brick Road)
  • Ruby slippers (look in the crystals, you will see).

Size: 66cm x 50cm

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